Playing It Forward

 Here’s a letter sent to the editor of the Santa Cruz Sentinel Sept. 21, 2015: “I go from home to swim and back so [I] don’t take much money [with me]. Today my [swim] goggles broke; I had to get out of the water, go to the desk and buy a new set ($10). [Not having enough money with me] I gave $6 … [I planned to pay the rest later, but….] I was told that someone had paid the $4 for me. I asked whom I could thank and was told, “we can’t say – we’re just to tell you they wanted you to have a good day.” [Later that day, I was inspired to] open doors [for others and] let someone with very few items go in front of me in the grocery line. This lovely gesture [of the person who helped pay for my swim goggles] surprised me. To my mystery “benefactor”: thank you so much, you’re terrific! I’ll pay this forward by putting $10 into Capitola Fitness’s “swimmer in-need kitty!” Yes, it’s a good day. (Patti Brady, Santa Cruz)

Our kindness really does have a life of it’s own, spreading way beyond the specific act. This woman “payed it forward” by opening doors for others, letting people go ahead of her at the grocery store and then paying into the swimmers kitty. She was inspired to think of others in a different way that day. Who knows how those others may have also passed on this kindness. This letter reminds me to try to find all those little way to remember and enact our interconnected nature with all being. No so abstract after all. 


Best wishes, Shinshu



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